Breaking @ Myths

 “Marketing is like a first date, If you only talk about yourself, their won’t be a second one”

Brand Logo, Slogan, and Jingle are Music to my Ears.

Hurrah! we divided blogs into three different categories based on your interest.

The Shark Tank


  • Every Wednesday
  • Discussion on the topics from the Show
  • Short Blog
  • Learning from the Show Hosts

The Breaking Myths


  • Once in a Month
  • On Do and Don't in Today's market
  • Long Article
  • Will Include Research

Out of Box


  • Every Sunday
  • Digress from the other two Categories
  • Short Blog
  • Brief talk on sensitive Topics.

Me at a Glance

Being a undergraduate, B.B.A student and marketing as my specialization. My Education has been a roller coaster ride. In simple word i say “50% learning, 50% chill”

Brands logo, slogan, and, Jingle are Music to my Ears. Knack for blogging is important life instrument for me because it helps me to understand the brand better. 

I have in-depth knowledge about marketing concepts. Being a crazy reader of Inseed knowledge and Harvard business reviews, made me see the next big picture.  

Through my blogs, I always try to enlighten or curved out– How me being just 21 year out old student see brands/ markets / consumer behaviour and myths around them. 

i am planning for a startup into fitness Industry. A restaurant chain into fitness Nutrition.. 

These blogs helps me to open up my point of view and garner learning with respect to “do and don’t in today’s market”

For the Love of Blogging..